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Authors talk about their books on Sales, Marketing, SAAS and Startups. What motivated them, why they chose this subject. And what we can take away from the book. Hopefully, a glimmer of wisdom that we can put to use.

Bizcast: Bits about books – In Conversation with Todd Caponi, author, The Transparency Sale

Todd Caponi
Todd Caponi
  • Todd Caponi wrote “The Transparency Sale” to promote the idea of embracing flaws early in the Sales Cycle. A study has shown that buyers research products before making purchases, and they are more likely to believe reviews that have a rating of 4.2 to 4.5, rather than 5. 
  • Todd wanted to apply the principles of buyer behaviour in the world consumer products to the world of B2B selling. He was surprised at the results. It seemed that even in complex B2B sales, buyers are likely to trust sellers who lead with their flaws. 
  • Contrary to the principle that sellers ought to highlight only the advantages and hide the flaws, The Transparency Sale embraces the idea of leading with your flaws and handicaps. Todd Caponi believes that impresses buyers far more than a “perfect” pitch. 

These and more insights from the ground in this great episode of Bits About Books.

Run time – 37.25 mins.

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