About Podcasting

Podcasting is the new medium of marketing. Podcasts can be consumed on the move. Podcasts appeal to professionals and entrepreneurs. Alexa and Google Home indicate a rise in audio consumption even at home and office. With the increasing use of AI and voice based commands, audio devices will become ubiquitous over the next few years. The need for marketing over audio devices becomes quite obvious. When that happens, will you be ready with your audio branding and marketing?

Our podcast production service allows you to partner with your ideal clients to create industry specific content through interview-based podcasts.

Podcast listenership has grown by leaps and bounds in the recent years.

In India, podcast download has grown from 81,789 NPR podcasts downloaded in 2015 to 335,828 in 2018. And this is the stats for just downloads- not hearing, for just one podcast company. And big brands such as Aditya Birla Mutual Funds have been quick to realize the potential- they have started using the medium to their advantage.

Advantages of the Podcast over Blogging:

Podcast listeners are more engaged, connected, and loyal than blog readers. You can consume podcasts while driving, gymming, running, or exercising.

Who We Are

We are a podcast agency producing interview-based podcasts for B2B brands, Sales and Marketing Teams, SAAS products, Startups and HR teams.

Businesses are embracing podcasts to establish thought leadership, feed their content engine, create strategic relationships with their guests, and recruit and retain talent.

Interview based podcasts grow cutting edge content quickly, by taking ideas from the guests in the show. This creates a go-to podcast that shows thought-leadership through the ideas of the doyens of the industry.

While it’s hard to develop content on your own, interview based podcasts rely on thoughts and ideas of the guests.

And when your podcast guest is also your prospective buyer, you not only create a connect with them, but also are assured of topics that are relevant to your buyers’ industry. Other prospective buyers will want to consume such ideas too.

With podcasts you build long-term relationships with thought leaders, ideal clients, referral partners, and influencers. The greatest benefit of a podcast is the relationship you create with each of the guests you feature on the show.

And with the right positioning, and relevant topics, you can cater to a growing pool of employable demography, and create a base of listeners from which you can recruit your next talent.



What We Do

We work with you to develop an idea that works for your organization and your industry. We develop a name and format for the podcast, which positions the show to your benefit.

We design a logo and other design assets for the podcast.

We develop a structure and mode of questioning for the podcast. We develop scripts.

We develop and record voiceovers for the ad spot, intro, and outro, which gives the show a professional sound.

We fix the background music for the podcast, which plays below the intro and outro.

We record the podcasts, with the guests.

We do the audio editing and mixing, structure the mix by adding music, ad spots, introductions, breaks and lead outs.

We host the podcast for you and make it available on all the popular podcast platform like Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, TuneIn and more.

We create a webpage for the podcast on our show page, as well as your website, if we are provided with access.

We notify each guest when their episode goes live.

Our Shows

  • Talentwise

    Talentwise, the definitive podcast for CXO’s, Human Resource and Learning and Development leaders.

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  • Bits about books

    Authors talk about their books on Sales, Marketing, SAAS and Startups. What motivated them, why they chose this subject. And what we can take away from the book. Hopefully, a glimmer of wisdom that we can put to use.

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  • The Buyer side chat

    How do big buyers decide to buy? What motivates them? What are the checkboxes they tick? What is their institutional process of decision making? These and more covered in the comprehensive podcast on B2B buying. Sellers take note.

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  • SaaStories

    From the dreamers and visionaries who dared to think ahead. How they built their SAAS. Visions, Genesis, Struggles and Success. Brought to you every week by Pitch.Link, the buyer-seller engagement platform.

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  • Superfans

    Why do some applications gain a faithful following? Users from the world of commerce tell us why they are fans of a product. What's great. What's easy. And what could improve. We hear it from the Superfans.

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