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In Conversation with Shalini Pillay

1.Every industry is getting impacted with the sweeping change. Every  traditional finance industry player be it a Bank, Insurance, financial services or NBFC everyone is becoming a fintech player. 

2. Equip everyone from Technology standpoint – Technology is a definite disruptor of work and business as is evident. It is bringing forth solutions or creating completely new ways of doing things that could upend your organization and even your industry. The terms of reference are changing. How can organisations equip every member to be technology savvy and ready to fit into the changed reality.  

3. The 5 levers of Agility – The work environment will present you with surprises, new dynamics at every turn, do you have the mental agility to look for shifts and solutions on the go? The ability to adapt, embrace and adopt change will be key.  

4. Business environment is changing, as we see the emergence of the gig economy, we will see more and more people will be hired on a project based or specific requirement-based needs and those hires will move on to new projects as the assignment comes to a close.

These and more insightful thoughts from the ground in this great episode of TalentWise. Run time – 36.48 mins. 

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