Talentwise, the definitive podcast for CXO’s, Human Resource and Learning and Development leaders.

Hosted BySubhanjan Sarkar

Talentwise, the definitive podcast for CXO’s, Human Resource and Learning and Development leaders.

It’s a rapidly changing environment in the world of Human Resource. Automation, AI, Digital empowerment are transforming the very factors that determine productivity, output and employability. Who will relevant after 10 years? What skills should the employee aspire to train for? Thought leaders in the world of Human Resource and Learning and Development discuss critical issues and suggest solutions for being future-ready.

Talentwise is a podcast dedicated to helping Industry leaders and Human Resource executives engage with and develop the team to remain relevant and competitive in today’s world. If you’re looking to overcome the challenge of employee coaching, engagement and upskilling, or learn best practices from Human Resource experts, this show is for you. Each episode features an interview with an executive or thought leader, discussing topics such as attrition, recruitment, onboarding, training, learning and development, sales training, employee engagement, and more.

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Behind The Scenes at TalentWise with Rajib Aditya, producer TalentWise

AI and automation will cause huge job losses. Current concerns of society should provide some clues to where our future jobs lie. Food, ecology,...

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In Conversation with Subbu Iyer

Keys to future proofing lies in organizations viewing the team as Intellectual Property (IP) Producers and not just as...

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Rahul Gupta

In Conversation with Rahul Gupta

Companies exist to make human life better It therefore makes no sense if employees work towards making other people’s...

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Bhawani Singh Shekhawat

In Conversation with Bhawani Singh Shekhawat

Education today is making the youth, at the very best, exam ready- but not job ready. Moreover, the grading system today leaves much...

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Shalini Pillay

In Conversation with Shalini Pillay

1.Every industry is getting impacted with the sweeping change. Every  traditional finance industry player be it a Bank, Insurance, financial...

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Special Round Up Episode: Future proof your team.

Welcome to a special episode of TalentWise where we talk about the Future of Work. We have been speaking...

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In Conversation With Deba Prasad Adhya

It is all about this debate between generalisation and specialisation.  Trainability becomes the key as technology enables one to...

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