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In Conversation With Deba Prasad Adhya

  • It is all about this debate between generalisation and specialisation. 
  • Trainability becomes the key as technology enables one to reach the same output with greater efficiency. 
  • It is not about what we do today but if we are ready to adapt tomorrow. 
  • Collaboration is also a major enabler – unlike the assembly lines in factories, now you can collaborate from anywhere. So, the way we collaborate is undergoing change but not the fact that it is still collaboration. 
  • Organisations and employees will both have to work on continuous training. Outside of job, additional skills based on one’s personal interest and those that will be critical for ones’ field – needs to be learnt by the employee. 
  • Original idea was that repetitive tasks will be computerised but jobs needing personalisation will remain with Humans.  

These and more insightful thoughts from the ground in this great episode of TalentWise. Run time – 27.55 mins. 

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