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In Conversation with Subbu Iyer

Keys to future proofing lies in organizations viewing the team as Intellectual Property (IP) Producers and not just as human resources. This needs making Innovation Centric...

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In Conversation with Rahul Gupta

Companies exist to make human life better It therefore makes no sense if employees work towards making other people’s lives better but are miserable themselves. Organizations must...

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In Conversation with Bhawani Singh Shekhawat

Education today is making the youth, at the very best, exam ready- but not job ready. Moreover, the grading system today leaves much room for doubt about the...

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In Conversation with Ravi Mathur

How the learning interventions fail without a proper follow up mechanism – The key issue of low retention is lack of follow up to...

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In Conversation with Shalini Pillay

1.Every industry is getting impacted with the sweeping change. Every  traditional finance industry player be it a Bank, Insurance, financial services or NBFC everyone is...

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