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In Conversation with Ravi Mathur

  • How the learning interventions fail without a proper follow up mechanism – The key issue of low retention is lack of follow up to carefully planned training sessions. What needs to be done to change that. 
  • Manager’s lack of commitment for training of his team – Many a times the reporting manager fails to plan for the time that is required for the trainings and calls back the trainee mid-way for office related tasks. This is a big mistake. 
  • One size fit for all training doesn’t work – Here the onus is on Trainers themselves trying to peddle the same basic training to companies without actually assessing their real needs. This is impacting the beliefs of the customer companies about the efficacy of the training programs on the whole. This needs to change. 

These and more insightful thoughts from the ground in this great episode of TalentWise. Run time – 26.53 mins. 

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