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In Conversation With Dr. Sridhar Mitta

  • New opportunities being created by technology and its global impact which can be exploited by the Indian workforce. 
  • Graduates are not able to participate because of geography.  
  • How to meet the challenge of technology led loss of jobs and technology creating jobs.  
  • Most of the programs and Govt. initiatives are around training but there is no connection between training and employ-ability. 
  • Data is the new oil of the Digital age. IOT, AI ML, Robotics, AR VR – all applications have a large volume data and the data needs to be processed. The opportunity is there.  
  • Data interpretation for 1 hour of video footage from an autonomous vehicle needs 80 hours of human inputs.

These and more insightful thoughts from the ground in this great episode of TalentWise.   Run time – 30:48 mins. 

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