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In Conversation With T N Hari

  • The world is changing rapidly, skills have become redundant, new skills have replaced them, people who have not been able to adapt have lost their jobs.  
  • Technology is redefining how many things are done.  
  • Startups ecosystem is maturing and looks differently at talent.  
  • India needs to find jobs for 12 million people every year. Most investment focused methods consume about Rs.4 crores to create a single new job. You need 15 year of India’s investible surplus to create jobs for the one-year equivalent of new workforce, and that is not a sustainable model.  
  • We have come to the unambiguous conclusion that Technology has been the biggest creator of jobs in the history of mankind.  

These and more actionable thoughts in this great episode of TalentWise.  Run time – 28.05 mins. 

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