Futuristic training

In Conversation With Sanjay Jha

Reskilling and upskilling is the most critical activity. Becoming technology savvy will be the order of the day.  One will need to be open, flexible, agile and adaptable,  It will be important for leaders to move from the supervisory role to that of a mentor and guide.   It is very important to be cognizant of…

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In Conversation With Ramesh Srinivas

In the financial sector technology is helping sales to get better closures. However, the job roles will come down and reduce middle tiers significantly. Across the board there will be huge changes in the way work is done and the skills required to get things done.  Difficult to predict the changes in the macro level…

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In Conversation With T N Hari

The world is changing rapidly, skills have become redundant, new skills have replaced them, people who have not been able to adapt have lost their jobs.   Technology is redefining how many things are done.   Startups ecosystem is maturing and looks differently at talent.   India needs to find jobs for 12 million people every year. Most…

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