Month: May 2019

Ravi Mathu

In Conversation with Ravi Mathur

How the learning interventions fail without a proper follow up mechanism – The key issue of low retention is lack of follow up to carefully planned training sessions. What needs to be done to change that.  Manager’s lack of commitment for training of his team – Many a times the reporting manager fails to plan…

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Shalini Pillay

In Conversation with Shalini Pillay

1.Every industry is getting impacted with the sweeping change. Every  traditional finance industry player be it a Bank, Insurance, financial services or NBFC everyone is becoming a fintech player.  2. Equip everyone from Technology standpoint – Technology is a definite disruptor of work and business as is evident. It is bringing forth solutions or creating completely new…

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Special Round Up Episode: Future proof your team.

Welcome to a special episode of TalentWise where we talk about the Future of Work. We have been speaking to some of the best minds in the industry on How to Future Proof your team. Quarter into our way this season, we present a roundup of our discussion with the 6 eminent guests who appeared on…

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In Conversation With Deba Prasad Adhya

It is all about this debate between generalisation and specialisation.  Trainability becomes the key as technology enables one to reach the same output with greater efficiency.  It is not about what we do today but if we are ready to adapt tomorrow.  Collaboration is also a major enabler – unlike the assembly lines in factories,…

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